Providing insight where insight is needed.

Quest is the only device that provides accurate daily location of surgical device kits, capturing key data points and reporting across several stakeholders, including inventory management, sales, customer support and compliance.

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Allow QMed to shed light on your inventory black hole.

Quest’s autonomous, daily location monitioring provides you with data and analytics that yield highly accurate information.

What is Quest?

  • Proprietary cellular LTE-M IoT device
  • Fully autonomous, no scanning required
  • Five+ year battery life
  • Ability to withstand sterilization cycles
  • Over-the-Air Firmware updates
  • Multi-carrier SIM card
  • Cellular modern

What does Quest and the  QVue customer portal provide?

  • Daily location reporting
  • Exact number of tray turns
  • Autoclave and wash event activity
  • Calibration and inspection reporting
  • Improved autiding and recall management capabilities

QVue. Now you Know.

Real-time asset performance, logistics and analytics that drive performance and decision-making at every level.