Frequently Asked Questions


Have questions about Quest what it is, how it works, and what it does? We’re here to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Quest?2019-12-20T16:35:27-05:00

Quest is both a hardware and software solution that attaches to surgical instrument kits to track their location, frequency of use, and more. QMed proprietary analytical tools provide users with the data and custom reports.

How durable is Quest?2022-08-02T18:38:27-04:00

Quest is a device powered by batteries that have an 3 to 5 years life expectancy. Quest’s core technology is a combination of patented design and proprietary Cellular IoT configurations built to withstand the rigors of kit processing.

How does Quest provide value?2019-12-20T16:36:09-05:00

Quest solves two problems that have historically plagued the orthopedic device industry. Location, and frequency of use. With Quest, you’ll know the exact location of all your kits, in real time. And, you’ll know the frequency in which your kits are going into the OR to support surgery. With this knowledge, you’ll not only reduce the amount of lost kits, but also optimize inventory and thereby maximize your capital investment.

How does Quest make you more efficient?2019-12-20T15:07:02-05:00

Knowing where your kits are located enables your sales team to better prepare for upcoming cases, and reduce the amount of logistical effort required to meet customer expectations. Tracking the historical utilization of kits allows for proper distribution throughout the supply chain.

Can Quest connect with my ERP?2019-12-20T15:07:17-05:00

Our software platform was created specifically for the needs of orthopedic device manufacturers. It is designed to operate either as independent stand alone, or with an open Application Program Interface (API) that connects to your system.

What is the price of Quest?2019-12-20T15:07:29-05:00

Our price model is a time-based, monthly fee subscription. QMed will develop a comprehensive proposal based on the deployment strategy and your return on investment.   

What happens if Quest stops working?2019-12-20T15:08:11-05:00

QMed provides technical support, trouble shooting, and/or replacement of equipment during the contractual period at no additional cost to you.

How reliable is QVue?2020-10-17T15:25:30-04:00

QVue proudly offers 99.5% of up-time monthly, meaning less than 4 hours of monthly down-time.

Can I order a sample?2019-12-21T12:55:10-05:00

QMed is happy to develop a pilot program that is designed specifically to demonstrate the capabilities and value that Quest can provide. Please contact us for more information.

How is Quest deployed?2019-12-20T16:37:07-05:00

For deployment, there are two methods. New product introductions and the retrofitting of existing kits within the supply chain. Both strategies require planning and execution considerations, and the QMed team is fully prepared to support all phases of implementation.

What are the benefits of Quest?2019-12-20T16:38:15-05:00

Quest is an enabling technology that requires no technical infrastructure, or manual input. It is the only device that provides accurate daily location of kits capturing key data points and reporting across several stakeholders, including inventory management, sales, customer support and compliance. Quest will provide the necessary data to significantly increase inventory turns, and efficiency in inventory allocation, whether it’s consigned, in the field as trunk stock, or in loaner pool. You’ll see kit management costs dramatically decrease through the elimination of lost inventory and write-offs, automated field inventory. Plus, a significant reduction of new kit builds due to better inventory management.

Is Quest FDA approved?2019-12-20T15:09:51-05:00

Quest is a logistics tool and is not considered a medical device product.   

Hospitals are known for poor cell coverage, how is Quest able to communicate?2019-12-20T16:37:28-05:00

One of the proprietary capabilities of Quest, is that it can transmit data at a much lower frequency level than traditional mobile phones. Its low frequency signal is able to penetrate within buildings and below grade.