Game changing data and analytics for medical device manufacturers, distributors, and providers.


Improve bottom-line performance with a new level of visibility, utilization and control of your medical device inventory across the supply chain.

Quest by QMed is both a hardware and software solution. It creates smart kits with its advanced proprietary IoT solution. It works with virtually any IT infrastructure and is easy to integrate or manage as a stand-alone system. And, since it’s autonomous, it eliminates manual input and human error. This groundbreaking solution allows you to capture information that previously wasn’t possible. With this new level of insight, you can significantly reduce operating costs and increase case coverage.

All companies in this space are faced with the same challenge. They can’t track their kits deplyed in the field.

- Orthopedic Service Provider -

Quest Delivers:

Daily location

Historical data of inventory turns

Record of hospitals where kits are utilized

Ease of regulatory compliance and recall management

Maintenance and calibration tracking

Proactive management of instrument life cycle

Self-auditing capability

Transform the way you do business.

With Quest, you’ll receive information about your orthopedic kits that’s never been available before. This heightened capability stands to revolutionize the way you track and manage your inventory.

  • User interface feed data and analytics that are meaningful to specific users, whether you’re an inventory analyst, customer service respresentative, compliance officer or sales distributor/representative.

  • Completely hands-off, Quest takes the guesswork out of locating and managing sets to eliminate waste in your supply chain.

  • You’ll see real time asset performance, improved daily location of inventory, and significantly reduced captial expenditures, allowing you to make more informed decisions.