By Ryan Donovan | 4/5/2021 | Medical Technology

When selling to hospitals, differentiation has always been key. Classically, OEMs have turned to the instruments themselves to do this; however, are OEMs missing a critical area of potential differentiation?

What if OEMs could guarantee hospitals that, due to complete visibility of their own inventory, they’ll always have inventory ready for surgery? What if OEMs could guarantee hospitals that they’ll no longer flood their hospitals with lost inventory? What if OEMs could guarantee, with absolute certainty, that their instruments meet calibration requirements, enhancing patient safety? When it comes to orthopedic inventory, innovation occurs at such a rapid pace that it doesn’t make financial sense for hospitals to carry their own inventory, but that doesn’t mean OEMs can’t differentiate theirs in a way that benefits both them and their customers. Here are a few key factors to consider when evaluating a solid healthcare asset tracking solution, provided by IoT For All, and how QUEST, the first autonomous IoT kit tracking solution, covers all critical aspects: