By Jeff Bush | 12/24/2020 | Medical Technology

Via Movemedical:

“You are a sales professional, you just want to sell. You want to build relationships, you want to solve problems, you want to drive growth.

Too often though you are doing paperwork, arduous operational tasks, and performing cumbersome processes that don’t add real value.

You know what you have to go through on a daily basis, does anyone else?

Here are 12 Truths, that only medical device sales reps truly understand:

Mareo, Chief Customer Officer at Movemedical, recognizes the daily struggles and wishes of medical device sales reps. Understanding these issues and needs is critical to ultimately fixing them, which is why MoveMedical’s system and interface helps alleviate so many of these problems.

Companies can now take these capabilities one critical step further. When integrating Quest, QMed’s flagship cellular IoT device, you not only have superior inventory management and visibility capabilities, but also the peace of mind of knowing where all your kits are, all the time, fully autonomously. Its capabilities don’t stop at location, but also include autonomous kit turn tracking and maintenance/calibration monitoring. Inventory management software is terrific, but to realize the full benefits- that is, to turn hindsight analysis into The Power of Insight- you need Quest.

Quest is more than a simple medical device tracker (though the first of it’s kind!), it’s a tool that turns your expensive assets into a technology-integrated smart system that decreases costs and increases revenue, resulting in superior bottom-line performance.